Laguna Canyon Road

On August 19, 2014, the City Council created a 19 member Laguna Canyon Road Task Force to seek community inputs regarding potential improvements to Laguna Canyon Road. The Laguna Greenbelt, Inc. is a member of the Task Force. The Task Force has been meeting monthly since October. The Greenbelt board has established the following as the key objectives for any future plans:

  1. Develop a wildlife overcrossing at Big Bend.
  2. Minimize any encroachment to the west side of LCR.
  3. Improve storm drainage with the goal of enhancing the natural character of Laguna Canyon Creek (no visible concrete).
  4. Oppose any additional traffic lanes, both north- and south-bound.
  5. Enhance pedestrian mobility.
  6. Enhance the semi-rural character of the area.
  7. Enhance bike mobility.

The Task Force is expected to have final recommendations for the City Council by the end of June.

Video recordings of the meetings and all supporting information are available at the City of Laguna Beach website.